About Standex Care & Carebeans.

Standex Care in association with Carebeans – bringing our customers the best care software for care providers who Strive to be Outstanding.

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About Standex Care.

Established in the UK 30 years ago, Standex Systems Ltd provide care management solutions for the Health and Social Care Sector.


The suite of 20:20 products relates to our sharpness and clarity of vision, that of providing the ‘go to’ digital care management product for you and the modern care setting, be it in a care service or within the community.


Our vision is to empower you to better evidence the care and processes you provide whichever your care setting and to help you meet and easily adapt to the ever-changing care regulation. Providing your care establishments with a one stop solution for all your care management needs, leading to a better quality of life for the people you care for.

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About Carebeans.

Carebeans are a team of innovators dedicated to providing software to the care industry, with the soul aim of making life better for everyone involved in care.


At Carebeans, we love what we do – and it shows. With more than 25 years of experience in the field, we are constantly gauging feedback from those who use our software day in, day out, which allows us to continue to develop, improve and innovate.


As well as continuing to develop our current platforms – Care 20:20, DomCare 20:20 and Rota 20:20 available through our association with Standex Care, we are always looking to release new software to make your everyday life within the care industry as easy as it can be. To discover more about Carebeans, visit our website at www.carebeans.co.uk

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