NEXT WEBINAR: How to ensure you are using the Mental Capacity Act and gaining Consent correctly within the Care Home environment.
NEXT WEBINAR: How to ensure you are using the Mental Capacity Act and gaining Consent correctly within the Care Home environment.
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Tues 28th Sept. 11.00am or Thur 30th Sept. 2.00pm **REGISTER**

Care 20:20. Your essential digital care management system for care homes.

Care 20:20 (formerly Standex ePlan) is a dedicated cloud-based digital care management system with modern, clean and intuitive functionality. Care 20:20 allows care staff and management to focus on the needs of the care service user, whilst allowing easy access and retrieval of data for managers, inspectors, stakeholders and staff alike.

Standex Care Care 20:20 Digital Care Management

Care 20:20 is our essential digital care management software solution for care homes.

Our easy to navigate yet robust digital care management system has resulted in many care service providers improving on their previous inspection results, helping many attain outstanding results.

Care 20:20 is CQC compliant and in line with KLOE’s, NICE guidelines, GDPR, safeguarding and all UK based regulatory bodies. The Care20:20 continues to be monitored and updated so all customers can rest assured that they have the most up to date and compliant digital care management system.


Security for the system and your data is robust and is compliant with DDOS and is monitored 24/7 by our hosting company. Our complete digital care management systems are Cyber Essentials Certified, and specific access can be managed and given to professionals such as CQC Inspectors, Social Workers and Family Members to demonstrate that full and appropriate support is being given to the service user(s).

Care 20:20 enables you to evidence that the support you are giving is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led, in line with the Care Quality Commission Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs).

Complete care management for your care setting

Completely auditable and configurable to evidence your outcomes

Customisable actions and alerts

Point of care recording in a timely manner

Compliant with CQC and all UK regulatory bodies

Care 20:20 (formerly Standex ePlan) introductory video.

Care Plans.

Comprehensive digital care management software for assessments and review management will enable you to produce exceptional person centred plans and care evidence outcomes for CQC and all UK regulatory bodies.

Mobile application.

A simple yet comprehensive application that will ensure your carer has all the details they need to deliver exceptional care along with rigorous and explicit history recording.

Reporting and analysis.

A comprehensive reporting and analysis suite which allows you to configure 100’s of service users reports. Along with carer and business reporting, you can analyse how well you have delivered your care to ensure person centred planning and strive for outstanding to meet CQC and all UK regulatory bodies standards.

Care 20:20 operations dashboard screen

Operations management.

A dynamic operations dashboard will enable you to monitor job completion and resolve any issues quickly and effectively whilst providing a full audit of activity.

Care 20:20 resident management screen

Care recording.

Record comprehensive details about your service users to ensure you have a complete history and profile so that you can offer personalised care.

Care 20:20 roster screen

Rostering and staff allocation.

An easy to use ‘drag and drop’ scheduling process will reduce your administration time and allow you to create efficient, easy to change schedules and staff working patterns.

Care 20:20 temporary inspector login screen

Temporary inspection log-in.

Inspector’s can be given a temporary log-in to access the information they need to do their job, without being able to see any data that is not directly relevant to the task in hand. In these Covid times, the Inspector can do this remotely without needing to conduct a site visit for this part of their inspection!


Our digital care management software allows specific and confidential access to be given to professionals such as CQC Inspectors and Social Workers to demonstrate that full and appropriate support is being given to the service user.

Care 20:20 key features and what they mean to you.




Easy, comprehensive, robust, secure, person centred care management system


One system to run your entire care business.


Established and proven in small and large care organisations and groups in the UK


Built and supported by a highly experienced company based in the UK.


Uses CQC supported person centred care planning approach


Help meet regulations and key lines of enquiries / standards.


Complete web based care management system


Just login and set up in minutes.


Fully integrated mobile app for carers


Carer is, and feels, fully connected whilst getting the information they need, when they need it.


Dynamic care management instructions and alerts


Ensuring service users are safe, cared for and the service is well led, responsive and effective.


Configurable Family Portal


Allow the service users’ family to see what they want to see in relation to the care provided to their loved ones.


Third party Access


Allows medical professional and inspector to view care remotely and securely.


Online live training and video user guides


Cost effective support to help you get fully operational in hours, not days.

Frequently Asked Questions about Care 20:20 from Standex Care

Why use Care 20:20?

Care 20:20 allows care to be recorded right from assessment level, through to care plans, risk assessments and on to real time care recording. Care notes can be typed or dictated and this means that all care notes are legible and will be easy to find.


Managers can create alerts for each resident and the system contains all regulated tools such as MUST, Waterlow etc.


Care 20:20 also makes collating reports easier and these can be done remotely if needed. Managers are completely in charge of the system and can dictate how it works throughout the service, from creating individualised care actions and allocating those to the right individuals such as Nurse, Activity coordinators, care staff etc.


Managers and Owners can view the care recording remotely which frees up a huge amount of time and streamlines the care provision and recording throughout the service. Care 20:20 supports outcome based care planning to achieve the aspirations, goals and priorities identified by service users.

Why should I use a digital care management system instead of my paper care plans?

Recording care notes electronically allows care notes to be legible, consistent, easily accessed and stored securely.


Finding information saved on the system is easy and can be done quickly and remotely if required. Alerts and reminders can be set by management which means that care support is not missed and everyone knows what needs to be done within the service.


Time spent running reports is reduced, care is recorded in a timely manner as per CQC guidelines and paperwork is greatly reduced saving time and indirect costs.

But how secure is it?

Care 20:20, as per our other software systems, is very secure. Your data is stored on servers which comply with DEDOS and GDPR guidelines. Data is backed up and we offer 99.9% access to the server across the course of the year.


Our system uses secure log-ins to make sure data is only accessible to people who should be viewing it. If you need any specific information on the security Care 20:20 uses please GET IN TOUCH.


You do not need your own server. Access to the system and access levels are set by the manager, so each service has complete control of who can access the data.

How easy is Care 20:20 to set up?

We have strived to make the implementation and set-up of the system as easy and as straight forward as it can be. We will support you all the way through the initial stages from the first training session and onwards. We provide standard care plan templates along with standardised text which can be edited and added to by each service. This allows thorough and person centred care plans to be created with ease. You can also create care plans straight from the pre-assessment tool built into the system.

Some of my staff are worried about using computers.

This is not uncommon and we have worked with services many times about their staff concerns. We find that a lot of the time the anxiety is about either losing data or breaking something!


But rest assured, we have built a robust and easy to use system, which staff from all different skill levels can get to grips with easily.


Staff can also record their care notes by speaking into the hand held device, meaning they don’t even have to type their notes if they do not wish to.


We can provide specific training for any staff that you feel may struggle, but in our experience once you’re up and running on the Care 20:20 system, any concerns the staff may have had soon disappear.


You can always book a demonstration to see how staff feel about the system. Click here to book now.

How can it help with my inspections?

Any system is only as good as the information recorded on it. We have provided a care system which will help all staff get the most out of their care notes and, if used correctly, can evidence the excellent care you are providing.


The system is designed to meet all UK based regulatory bodies and it is extremely easy to create truly person centred care using the support notes we have built into the system for you.


We also have the added function of an inspector’s log-in. You can set up your inspector on the system and they will have access to just what they need. This can also be used with any other third-party professional such as CPN, Social worker, Funder etc, so they will have the ability to see what care is being provided in a transparent and clear way.

Do I need to purchase any hardware to use Care 20:20?

In short, no!


If you have desktop computers or laptops already within your service, we can simply add the system to those for you free of charge.


The hand held devices can be purchased through us and will be secure and locked down, meaning no other apps can be used on the devices.


However if you wanted to provide your own devices we can add the web page to them for you – also free of charge.

Do you provide training and ongoing support?

In short, yes!


We provide both management and carer training before you go live with the system, and provide ongoing support while you continue to use the Care 20:20 system.


We provide free system updates and new releases over the life of your account with us, which add functionality and streamline the system.


We have a dedicated Nurse Advisor who can help if you need specific Nursing advice.


We are here to help and support you and will do what we need to make sure you get the best out of the system Support for system users.


Support is via phone and email/ticketing system and is in operation 24/7, 365 days of the year. We are here for you when you need us.

What makes Care 20:20 different?

Standex Systems has been providing care documentation, staff training and guide books for nearly 30 years, so we have a lot of experience and knowledge.


The software, developed by Carebeans, is modern and able to adapt to the changes within the care sector. We have been supporting care homes, domiciliary care services, hospitals, mental health services, and many more throughout that time, so your care recording needs are in safe hands.


We have built Care 20:20 to be easy to use and thorough, easy to set up and person centred and easy for services to adapt to their needs.

Can the system work off-line?

Yes. If you purchase the hand held devices from us they will include the care app, which will allow for seamless care recording in the event of a power cut or wi-fi outage.

What service level agreement to you have for the care homes?

We offer 99.9% access to the server across the year. We provide support 24/7, 365 days of the year, and we continue to update and add functionality to the system.


This is all part of the ongoing subscription fee and there are no hidden charges.

How long is the contract for?

We have complete faith that you will be happy with the Care 20:20 system, which is why we do not lock you down to any lengthy contract.


It is a simple 30-day notice period. So, if in the unlikely event that you wish to leave us, you simply need to provide us with 30 days’ notice and you will receive all your data in a readable format.


Your data will then be wiped completely from the server in line with GDPR guidelines.

Digital care management system for care homes.

All of our software solutions are easy to install and are available with free online training.