NOVEMBER WEBINAR: How to keep your Service Users safe (Risk Management).
NOVEMBER WEBINAR: How to keep your Service Users safe (Risk Management).
Tues. 2nd Nov 11pm or Thurs. 4th Nov at 2pm **REGISTER NOW**
Tues. 2nd Nov Oct 11pm or Thurs. 4th Nov at 2pm **REGISTER NOW**

Care Management Software Benefits

One of the best ways of making sure any issues within your care business are discovered before your CQC inspection takes place is to arrange to have a mock inspection. So, Standex Care have teamed up with Inspired for Health – a company dedicated entirely to helping care businesses such as yours to prepare fully for your CQC inspection. and to achieve full CQC Compliance. The mock inspection will mirror the CQC inspection process, revealing any potential regulation breaches so they can be corrected immediately, and assessing any other areas of concern to take the pressure away from the inspection process. Georgina at...

A question often asked is - What is Person Centred Care? Person centred care is about focusing care on the needs of the individual. It should ensure that the preference of people, their needs and values guide any clinical decisions. The care provided should be respectful and responsive to the needs of the individual. The Health Foundation has identified a framework that comprises four principles of person centred care: 1. Affording people dignity, compassion and respect. 2. Offering coordinated care, support or treatment. 3. Offering personalised care, support or treatment. 4. Supporting people to recognise and develop their own strengths and abilities to enable them to...

Our mobile care software helps to monitor the wellbeing of your residents.   What is mobile care software? Mobile care software is exactly as the heading suggests. Care software for your mobiles. Let’s face it, with so many of us now having a mobile phone or tablet constantly by our side, it was only a matter of time before these devices would be put to use by staff in our workplaces too. The suite of 20:20 products from Standex Care (developed by Carebeans) are browser based, meaning our care software can be accessed from any digital devices. So, if you have desktop or laptops already...