Rota 20:20. Fully integrated complete staff rostering software.

Rota 20:20 is a fully integrated complete staff rostering software solution that allows you to manage scheduling and resource management simply, saving time and effort. Rota 20:20 is featured packed and fully compatible with our other care systems, and like the rest of our products, comes with full training included.

Rota 20:20 staff rostering software showing chart for the week

Rota 20:20 is our integrated staff rostering software solution.

Staff rostering software that can be fully integrated with our other sofware systems.

Fully integrated with care system – just switch it on

Record holiday

Employees can request holiday's

Manager approval

Plan and record meetings, training, maternity leave etc.

Record sickness

Set up personal working hours, patterns and preferences for employees

Manage agency and bank staff

Define shift patterns to meet business needs with resourcing level requirements

Setup multi week cycles

Split your care business into zones with staff and shifts

Drag and drop allocation to shifts

Dynamic management of shifts – alter them at any time

View holidays, working hours on the roster

Set personal working hours regardless of shift times – or override

View employee allocation

Employee app

View holidays

Request holidays

See published rosters

View (T&A) records – if implemented


Employee management.

Record comprehensive details about your employee including preferred working patterns, employment compliance, contracted hours and much more.

Holiday and sickness management.

Manage holiday requests, keep a detailed track of holidays, record sickness and other absences. Also report on total hours worked or sickness.


An easy to use dynamic drag and drop scheduling mechanism which will reduce your time and allow you to create efficient schedules based on resourcing needs and employee availability.

Employee mobile application.

The employee can use the app to request holidays, view shift details, request overtime shifts and view timesheet information.

Operations management.

A dynamic operations dashboard will enable you to monitor job completion and resolve any issues quickly and effectively whilst providing a full audit of activity.


A comprehensive reporting suite which allows you to view hours worked information.

A comprehensive staff rostering software solution designed to save time and boost efficiency.

All of our software solutions are easy to install and are available with free online training.

Rota 20:20 mobile phone screens for log-in and user management
Rota 20:20 adding a shift
Rota 20:20 employee details screen
Rota 20:20 shift pattern screen
Rota 20:20 roster weeks preview screen
rota 20:20 incident report screen

Fully compatible with DomCare 20:20 and Care 20:20 – our software systems for independent living and care homes. All are developed by Carebeans for complete ease of use.